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What we've been up to!

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A Picture of our dog, Heather, crashed out on my Amiga CDTV-Pro! A dog's best friend, eh? Interesting note: I used the CDTV to capture the still from my video camera while Heather was sleeping on it!

A reminder of Tenaya and I going to Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL on Navy night. All I remember is getting soaked on the log-ride, getting soaked on the price of food, and enjoying it all because I was with my wife!

This time it's an outing to the Bristol Ren Fair! Playing the role of monarchs in our own enchanted kindom! Finding the answers to eternal questions like: What the hell is a monkey tail? What is a "Mud Show?" And why are all these people yelling "EGGPLANT!" at me?