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Johnny's friends and relatives!

Ben Mahnkey- My youngest brother. He used to puke on me when he was little! When he turns 21 I will find out if he has broken that habit!

Brian McEwen- Amiga owner, Lover of horsepower! Has moved to a PPC Macintosh for most of his work, but still has my respect.

Cris Eide- Soul-brother, Tourney-fighter, Morgan-dadder! Father of my god-son, Morgan. SCA brother of my wife.

The Wilsons- A strange journey.... Rocky Horror, Personal history, The Navy, and dead classmates on the same sight! No wonder they're my friends!

Dave Fisk- Proprietor of The Great Escape computer store in Spokane, WA. One of the few great ones who have catered to the Amiga during it's time of need! Always willing to drink a beer and discus Amigas! God save the Dave!

Nicole Rodovsky- Raft-buddy on the wild Snake river, great dancer, and journalist! Watch your heart or she may roll you over!

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