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"Wish you were here..." - Pink Floyd

Aminet- The largest collection of freely distributable software on the internet!

Amiga Web Directory- Current news, links, and information about the Amiga computer platform!

Ultimate 80's Songs- Great page with links to song lyrics & audio clips, and other 1980's pages!

The WWW Speedtrap Directory- I don't get caught- Um, I mean- speed anymore but if I did I would consult this often!

CD NOW- The best place to research and find hard to get CD's!

Mapquest- Online maps, driving directions, trip planning, etc.

Zfun 106- Great station in Moscow, ID! But I'm probably biased...

JOLT Cola- Defenders of the wired world! My life-blood for overnight shifts!

You are victim number of my web-page!

This is what I really look like!

After looking at myself online, perhaps I should just post a picture of my best feature- my legs.

Sick (lame) sense of humor aside, I am a control freak with an obsessive / compulsive streak for radio broadcasting and all the associated duties that go along with it. In brief, a normal disk-jockey!

I would write more info about myself, but I would rather you check out the links to the left and below. If you still have any questions about who I am or what I like, Email me!

-Johnny Mann


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