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Our continuing stoooory of the life and times of Johnny!

This page contains fairly recent info on what I'm up to and where I am...


HOLY CRAP! Has it really been two years since I updated this thing? Yeesh.

Hmm. Where to start... The events of the past week have left America shocked, yet strangely stoic. We have banded together as Americans in a way not seen since the revolutionary war.
Stories of a rabbi defending a mosque and it's occupants from harm and Afgahni businesses overrun with happy and supportive customers are everywhere on the nightly news. This may be the single most defining moment of what it truly means to be part of the great melting pot that is the USA. What was engineered to be the beginning of the end for the US, and presumably a paradigm shift for the world- is turning out to be only half of what was intended.
It is the beginning, or a re-awakening if you will. Specifically, a re-awakening of the spirit our fore-fathers brought forth upon this continent so many years ago.

Abraham Lincoln would be proud of what we have become!

I'll leave you with that for now. I will post more (and hopefully more often) when need arises! -Johnny